About Us

Making housing affordable for all North Dakotans has been the mission of the North Dakota Housing Finance Agency (NDHFA) since 1982. In addition to offering a variety of affordable mortgage options, the Agency ensures the continued availability of suitable rental housing for low-income households and focuses on providing for the housing needs of rural communities.

Homeownership Division
In partnership with local lenders and real estate agents, NDHFA’s homeownership programs continue to be stable and well performing, helping thousands of low-to-moderate income North Dakotans achieve successful homeownership with homebuyer education, down payment and closing cost assistance and a variety of affordable mortgage loans.

Property Management Division
NDHFA is very involved in providing affordable rental options for North Dakota’s low-income citizens. Thousands of families living in privately owned properties for which the NDHFA administers rental subsidies and provides regulatory oversight. NDHFA property management division is dedicated to ensuring that these rental options are safe, accessible and affordable.

Planning and Housing Development
In 2007, the Planning and Housing Development Division was created to address the state’s changing housing needs. The division staff works on a variety of key issues including the shortage of workforce and senior housing in North Dakota, and the rehab of existing housing stock. They also provide technical assistance to local communities struggling to meet their housing needs.

With the help of dedicated staff and advisory board and our partners in the lending and real estate community, the agency has made a significant mark on the state’s affordable housing industry. We look forward to a continued role in providing affordable housing opportunities for all North Dakotans.

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