From the Director, July 2015

Jolene Kline, NDHFA executive director

Jolene Kline, NDHFA executive director

I’ve talked many times about the Housing Incentive Fund and all that it has done for affordable housing in North Dakota over the past four years. I’ve told of the immense economic impacts; I’ve discussed the life-changing social impacts; and I’ve tried to keep you up to date on the latest developments.

The program has helped do some incredible things in the state and I am very proud of all of those accomplishments. Since HIF was first created in 2011, it has been a model of public-private partnership. With the $49 million the fund has provided to affordable housing projects so far, more than $250 million in total housing construction has been realized and 1,500 new units have been created.

Now, HIF is off and running again. After being reauthorized during the 2015 Legislative Assembly, we already have a slate of projects receiving conditional commitments and contributions coming in, but we will need the help of many more North Dakotans to make sure those projects get completed.

July 1 was the official start date of our capital campaign and it is well on its way. We have had some significant contributions already and I am very appreciative of all who are supporting the program – no matter the size of the check.

And I’m appreciative of all of our partners in helping to spread the message about HIF. You are a vital link for NDHFA in reaching potential contributing taxpayers and we continue to need your help. We have a big task in front of us – $30 million in contributions to be raised by the end of 2016.

Really we need those dollars now, though. Twenty-four projects have received commitments of funds but they can’t turn a single shovel of dirt until their HIF commitments are fully capitalized. To ensure that those developers can take advantage of what remains of this construction season and those important housing units get completed as quickly as possible, we need contributions right away. We have a number of contributors who have been very generous in the past in supporting HIF and I hope that they will continue in their support. There are many great reasons to contribute – dollar-for-dollar state income tax credits for one – so please help us spread the word.

There are resources to help answer potential contributor questions on our website at And of course we are always here to answer your questions or be of help in any way we can.

It is exciting to see HIF again making an impact in North Dakota. Our housing story has changed a lot in the past four years and we know that HIF has been an important part of that change for many communities. We look forward to it continuing to make a difference for more North Dakota families.

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