Start and DCA Programs Seeing Double 

NDHFA-LogoNorth Dakota Housing Finance Agency’s (NDHFA) Start and Down Payment and Closing Cost Assistance (DCA) programs can now be used when purchasing two-unit properties.

“Allowing the Start and DCA programs to be used when purchasing two-unit properties gives first-time homebuyers more ownership options,” said Dave Flohr, the agency’s homeownership division director.

NDHFA’s Start and DCA programs provide first-time buyers with assistance with out-of-pocket cash requirements. Start assistance, equal to three percent of the first mortgage, is provided in the form of a credit to the borrower at loan closing. DCA is a zero-interest, deferred payment loan available to lower income borrowers.

Borrowers using the Start program will now be able to purchase a two-unit property up to $339,456. The limit on one-unit properties purchased with Start assistance is $265,158. The DCA acquisition limits are $249,000 and $195,000 respectively. The change was effective June 30.

Questions should be directed to NDHFA’s loan origination staff, (800) 292-8621 or

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