Online Education for First-time Homebuyers

The North Dakota Housing Finance Agency (NDHFA), CommunityWorks North Dakota (CWND) and The Village have partnered with eHome America to provide an online education program for first-time homebuyers.

“By encouraging homebuyer education, lenders and REALTORS ® benefit by working with an informed consumer and better borrower,” said Dave Flohr, NDHFA homeownership director.

The homebuyer education course is online and can be done at the participant’s convenience. Through this class, potential homebuyers learn financial literacy skills such as budgeting, saving and debt management, the complexities and costs of the home buying process creating more mortgage-ready buyers and long-term homeowners.

“Together we are helping North Dakota homeowners start smart by encouraging them to take homebuyer education, and purchase a home using affordable loan products with great interest rates, including down payment assistance,” Flohr said.

For more information on eHome America and marketing materials available through NDHFA, contact Dave Flohr at 800/292-8621, 701/328-8080 or 800/888-3666 (TTY) or

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